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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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Starting to resurrect '86 FA 50...

Hello, New here and would appreciate ya'lls feedback on this.

I obtained a FA 50 as project from family. It's been setting in Texas garage about +7 years without any care, maintenance, or use. Surfaces are layered dusty, chrome needs deep attention, etc. I rode it 5 years back and mechanically it was very sound. 396 miles on Odometer.

I'm only looking to restore to reliable operating and mechanical condition and get a good clean/shine up on surfaces.

I'd like ya'lls direction and guidance locating parts/owners manual, guidance for changing and cleaning fluid systems, directions to sources for parts for this brand of moped. I'm also open to hearing anything else ya'll think will help me proceed in the correct manner and path to get this lil' pony running right and bright again.



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@clydebarrow start off by checking on this question/answer Refurbishing an 30 yr old bike Parts are plenty on as well as other sources like this and a Google search will probably reveal more. Anyhow, a good inspection will reveal more of what you may need. Just in case you need the service manual you can find that on here. ,

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Be sure to download the service and owners manual. Also, read Fred's guide multiple times. All of the stock parts I get from and i get aftermarket parts from I knew nothing when I got my '87 six or so years ago. This site and mopedarmy gave me all of the advice I could ask for. Have fun bud!

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