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Where can I order a keyboard in English and Russian

Where can I order a keyboard in English and Russian for laptop HP Omen 17"? Everywhere only in English, I do not want to glue stickers on the keys, because the meaning of the backlight will be lost.

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From your question it sounds like you want the keyboard that has an English and a Russian character on the same key. If you Google search for "HXSJ R8 Russian" you'll find a number of sites including eBay and cnDirect. This is another good source:

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I did not correctly put the question, the keyboard is needed for a laptop


hp omen 17 "


Alex...I realize this is like a year old, but for some reason it popped up for me. Not sure which model of the HP Omen 17" laptop you have, but you can search for replacement parts for almost any HP product at this site. While you can not order just the keyboard you can order the "top cover" which includes the keyboard and touchpad assembly. Once you plug in your exact Product Number and you get the general list of parts, Select the Advanced (Unique Product S/N). You'll then see all the various languages that are available including Russian.


an example can be found in the part #862972-251 near the bottom of the list here (your model may vary slightly):


Hi @bezzality ,

To add to @bfr answer, here's a link to the service manual for a HP omen 17" notebook.

Scroll to p.21 to view the part numbers for all the available keyboards for the model. The one for use in Russia is 862972-251 as was stated.

The manual details the necessary pre-requisite steps and the procedures when replacing major components.

If you search online using this number you'll get results for some suppliers.


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