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La versione 2016 del telefono economico Samsung Galaxy A3 (numero modello: A310F).

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Galaxy A3 2016 front glass replacement

Hey guys,

i dropped my phone by mistake last week and front glass broke(screen is ok, i think so). I´m thinking about repairing it on my own but I´m not that experienced with repairing mobile phones.

So, do i have to remove rear side of my phone(galaxy a3 2016) or just heat the front glass and then replace it with a new one?

Thanks for all your advices!

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@afreak, Tomáš, For the inexperienced and with out access to equipment, It looks like the way to go may be to change the screen assy.. Find guides below to see how both the screen assy. is changed and a video showing glass only repair. In both cases the phone is dissembled. Last link is te replacement parts which you can do a search on for better pricing perhaps. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thanks for your fast reply @lpfaff1 ! I want to ask, while removing rear glass, can it get damaged while heating it? Do I have to buy a new one?

Thanks for your advice!


@afreak, Tomáš, Thanks for replying back. Back panel should come off with out breaking. You do have to be careful/patience when removing and do not overheat the back panel, enough heat to loosen/soften adhesive allowing the use of guitar pick/plastic card to slide(little force) between back and frame as seen in guides. Good luck with your A3.


@afreak, Tomáš, Should do the trick. I have not done the glass replacement on a Samsung Galaxy A3. From what I see in your comment above though, it is what could be needed. Do you have access to hair dryer/heat gun or a heat pad, as will be needed also. Good luck with your repair.


Hi Thomas, i have the same issue here. Got an Samsung A3 with broken glass... did it work for you to only replace the front glass? can you tell me how it is done?..


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