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Information and repair instructions for GE Profile Refrigerator

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water leak inside of unit

Water leaks on the inside back of unit.

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When I open the ice maker side of the door water comes out of the door how do I fix it


GE Profile, counter depth, French door bottom freezer, ice maker in left fridge door. I have a leak at the front of the freezer (from fridge above collecting on top of freezer door and also freezing on front side of white tray). Beads of water are often on front lip of freezer door as I pull it out.



What is the full model number of the refrigerator?


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Dave Coleman, if this is a side by side and the leak is inside the freezer and the freezer floor is a slab of ice, you most likely have a frozen drain line. Follow the panel on the back wall to the bottom. Behind the bottom of that panel is a drain pan where water from the defrost cycle drips into a pan underneath. It can freeze due to a clog not allowing it to drain or the defrost heater has warped and is not as close to it as it should. An easy test is to simply open then close the door and open again. Can you reopen the door easily or is there a vacuum making it hard to open? If there is no vacuum/pull on the door then your drain line is frozen. Defrost it with hot water then clean the drain.

If it has a good vacuum then the problem is elsewhere. Check the icemaker for icecycles or big clumps of ice in the ice bin. Check the icemaker fill tube, is it too far inside the freezer and pressed against something and spraying water while filling? Good luck

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Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve opens to supply water to the dispenser and icemaker. If the water inlet valve is cracked or has a loose fitting, water will leak from the valve. Inspect the water inlet valve for cracks, and make sure that it is tightly secured to the water supply line.

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