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What is a good way to repair scratches on the glass?

I have gotten some shallow scratches on the glass face of my watch. Does anyone know any good methods of repairing these scratches?

It doesnt need to be permanent, as long as it lasts a week or so I can repeat the procedure as needed.

Any help fixing this would be great!

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Hi @cam2363 ,

Try toothpaste. Not the gel kind though.

Rub some onto the watch face with your finger using gentle circular motions. Be sure that none of it seeps into the watch at the edge of the glass. Allow to settle for a minute or so, then gently rub off with a non abrasive cloth wrapped around your finger. Hold watch face to light to check if it needs to be done again in case you missed any scratches.

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If i use the gel type as im not sure what i have, can i do any harm?


Cameron, Just trying to assist @jayeff , Gel type tooth paste not normally as abrasive, so may not work well.


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@cam2363 ,Cameron, Chances are the lens on watch may be acrylic/plastic and if you have access to, or willing to purchase what they call a headlight restoration kit, I believe would work well and would be able to use it on other devices possibly as well to remove scratches. If your watch has a lot of buttons on the face, this may be a pain. If going to try the kit, keep the pad moving, a little damp and low rpm as you do not want to burn the watch face. I will post a couple links below to give an idea of kits available, you can also check out U tube (headlight restoration)to see it being used. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thanks, ill try jayeff's first as thats easy and cheap. If it doesnt work, ill try yours. I have a large face on my watch that has plenty of room for doing that.


Sure thing Cameron, thanks for posting back, Good luck with your watch.


Just to add a bit to the above answer, typically headlight restoration kits are followed by a high quality wax to help protect the lens from future damage (UV, abrasions, etc). You may want to consider a coat for your watch face as well. There are a few good options on the market all of which would be great for your application:


Rob Hunnard, Thanks for your added contribution. When it comes with the kit by all means use it for added benefit, but try to just keep on the lens.


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