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Change date and or reset unit

I have one of the earliest flip camcorders. It works great, however when inserting new batteries recently, the change date screen came up.

I inadvertently closed the screen before entering current info.

Mfg. Pure Digital Technologies

Model: F160B

Holding power button in for 10 seconds does not work

No tripod mount, thus no reset hole

Holding the power button on while pushing the up arrow does not work

Removing batteries for any amount of time does not work.

Nothing on the internet for a F160B or just a flip 60 seems to work.

Date is stuck in 2006

This happened long ago, I fixed it, but for the life of me I cannot remember how I did it

Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide

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So I'm pulling the batteries, and will let it sit for a very long while. Hopefully any onboard batterey will discharge. We'll see.


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mate... just dug out my old minoHD date wont pass 2020..


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Try this:

1) Power off the camera

2) Turn on the camera

3) When the logo appears, hold the record button, and "Set Language" should appear

This should allow you to go through the original configuration routine.

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Didn't work. Sorry I didn't include this one in my description. I can say that everything on the internet regarding this has been tried, at least that I have found after hours of research. Thank you for your reply though!


I think this is the original flip, it even has the "DVD retail processing port" on top!


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