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This Samsung Tablet was first released in May 2015 and can be identified by its 9.7 inch diagonal screen. The model number of the device is “SM - T550.”

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Why did my tab just stop coming on.Even when I charge it, it overheats

My tab(Samsung Galaxy Tab A) stopped working on its on. When I plugged it to the power source, IT DOESN'T SHOW ANYTHING ON THE SCREEN, it doesn't charge but rather it gets hot at the back. What could be the problem....and what's the remedy? Thanks

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Check the battery for swelling or a connection problem . Use this guide to open the device and if necessary replace the battery . I would start by reseating the battery connector if there is no visible swelling of the battery. Just unplug the battery and then reinstall the plug. This often helps these tablets. If this brings no joy then you should also check the charger port for defects like broken solder joints or a loose port . This guide shows a complete disassembly of the tablet including how to remove the charging port. replace the port if it is damaged or appears faulty. Hope this helps

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The voltage is most likely too low, on your main battery, and the charger insufficient. I've had the same problem with the samsung galaxy tab 7. try using the original charger first. if this option is not available, then find a High-amp wall charger, or High-power port on a computer. you should notice the battery screen that shows charge info while the device is off, will stay on a bit longer, to show the device is charging. if these option do not work, you might try a new charging cable. (my children yank the wires when removing the charging cable) this disconnects some of the delicate strands of wire within the chord, and reduces the amps available to the device. If all these things do not work, and only if all these things do not work, I have one more solution:

Warning, the following is a last ditch effort, and could cause damage to your battery.

Each AA battery is actually a 1.3 or 1.5 volt cell depending on it's chemistry.

Using a battery holder, cut the wires to a charging cable, find the colors, and polarity of the power wires, by using a volt meter on the usb port side of the cut cable. then attach the wires to the battery pack holder of batteries, four in series. if the strands are intact enouph to provide the current needed to jump start the battery, then this will work. do not use this method for more than 5 minutes, do so when the unit is cool, and after this treatment, the regular charging devices should work just fine, even the low power ones. don't bother trying to turn it on till you get it charged to at least 25 percent, otherwise you might have to do this again.

Unfortunately, I have done this many times on the the kid's tablets.

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I finally took the tab to Samsung dealers. They said it is the major panel that's bad and needs replacing. But they can't do it in the country I am in right now. They won't change it free for me under my warranty. I have to take it back to Canada were I bought it. I'll have to pay if I have to get it done here. And I don't have plans on going to Canada this year. And I don't have 175USD to spare right now. iSad


If you can't afford to send it for repair, then you can afford to wait. Did it get wet? If so, then let it dry out for a couple of days in a sun lit window, without connecting it to power. Then try charging it again. A little time can't hurt. I had an old digital camera once, the battery would not take a charge for 2 years. Then I got it out of a box after it was in storage for another two years, and it charges and holds power like new. We still don't know everything about these lithium batteries. Just a cheap thought.


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I had a customer that experienced the same issue with the product. We were advised to do the following step...

Step 1:

Hold both the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN button for 7 seconds.

When we performed this step, we were able to get a power surge on the device. I believe it's not the battery... it's more of a logic board issue.

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