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Released in 2013, this laptop comes equipped with a 16” LED-backlit screen, 500GB hard drive with 4GB of RAM, and pre-installed with Windows 8. It also comes with a built in HD webcam and digital microphone, as well as Dolby dual speakers.

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Screen turns on but its a bright black light and there is no image

I just did a self repair on my hp pavilion 15 and it turns on and the screen lights up but its a bright black light like when you just turn on your computer and the screen is black but lit up, well that's how mine is but it will not change from that. (tried to restart/drain static electricity)

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What self repair did you do?

If you can't see a display at all connect an external monitor to the laptop and view its' display.

If its' display is OK you either have a faulty video cable, faulty or loose video cable connections at either end, (motherboard or screen), or a faulty screen.

If it also has no display, you either have a faulty GPU or a motherboard problem (which is probably the same thing as the GPU is most probably mounted onto the motherboard).

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It turned on but the screen was all glitchy



What were you trying to repair? You never did say.

According to the specs for this model HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b142dx (assuming that this is your model) there is a separate GPU mounted onto the motherboard (AMD Radeon HD 7500G Discrete-Class graphics)

You haven't said that there are any error beeps on startup, therefore it is assumed that the GPU is being detected OK by the BIOS.

Since the display on the external monitor is 'glitchy' and there is no display on the laptop screen, there must be a problem either with the output from the GPU or the motherboard.

You could try disconnecting the video cable from the motherboard and see if this has any effect on the display to the external monitor. If the external monitor displays OK then there will be a problem with either the video cable or the screen.

If it makes no difference then as I cannot find a circuit diagram of the motherboard I'm sorry that I cannot help you any further.

You may need to take it to a reputable, professional laptop repair service and ask for a quote for a repair.


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