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The Logitech M305 is a wireless mouse released in 2010. It is designed for ambidextrous use.

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What do I do when the battery is not held tightly enough in the mouse?

This is the second of these mice I've had and it is already, after only 2-3, months showing the same problems I had with the first. The spiral portion of the battery holder is compressed and does not hold the battery snug, leaving me with no curser response. I have tried pulling it out more but it seems to have a 'memory' action and is just compressed again when the battery is reintroduced.

I love the size of this product and would rather not have to go to a full sized mouse, but if I have to go to another product I will. This is annoying!

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One solution is to fold up a piece of foil to fit between the gap. It's not the best solution, but it usually works just fine. It's just annoying when you have to replace the battery, and the foil falls out as well.


Great idea, thanks. Maybe I can extend the foil up the side of the battery, thereby make a "cap" or selotape it on.


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You can use one of those button batteries used in hearing aids to buffer the space. I am not sure which one fits though.

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Hi @avanteguarde ,

Wouldn't that add or subtract to the voltage supply from the battery, depending on which way round it was? Being in series with the main battery.


@jayeff, forgot to mention it doesn't have to hold a charge, just close the circuit. You just want something about the same size to buffer the space.


sandhd, if you have the receipt still, and its less than 3 years, Logitech will just send you another one free of charge, and you can keep the broken one.


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Agree to disagree.

Usually a hearing aid battery has +ve face and -ve case. So even if hearing aid battery is flat (voltage wise), the -ve case is touching the spring and the +ve face is touching the main battery or vise versa. Can't see how the case could be touching both. The main battery current is still flowing through the battery not through the case of the battery. Effectively through an unnecessary resistance. Perhaps it would be betterto use an appropriately sized small steel nut or steel washer


I am a little confused at your comment. When you put 2 batteries in a flashlight, the plus end touches the minus end of the other, no?


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