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The Saturn Relay was the first and only minivan from the Saturn brand of American automaker General Motors and was built alongside its sisters, the Buick Terraza, the Chevrolet Uplander, and the Pontiac Montana SV6.

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Keyless Remote Entry Fob battery replacement on 2005 Saturn Relay?

The battery is very low in our car's keyless remote and needs to be replaced, but there are no screws in the back or any way to access a battery compartment. The dealer said that we'd have to order a new remote, at the cost of nearly $100. A few places online offer a replacement remote, but the cheapest is around $65, and they say you still have to pay the dealer a programming fee to get it to work with your car. How big a scam is this, when a $5 battery replacement would do the trick?!

Any ideas about how to get it open?

Thanks for any help!

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I have a 2005 relay. The dealer said the new fob that I purchased cannot hold the programming. He said it would cost $75.00 to diagnose the reason why. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it won't hold the programming so I could save myself $75.00 plus whatever the fee would be to repair the possible issue?

Thank you


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Battery replacement is (one of these:CR-2032,CR-2016 OR CR-2025 batteries) found at most big box stores. Use a coin to open the remote from the bottom of it. Please see owners manual (link below) If you do get a new key fob remote. You will have to get it programmed by a GM dealership. Battery size is not specified in the Owners manual, you must open the remote to determine which battery to get.


Battery Replacement

Under normal use, the battery in your remote keyless

entry transmitter should last about three years.

You can tell the battery is weak if the transmitter will not

work at the normal range in any location. If you have

to get close to your vehicle before the transmitter works,

it is probably time to change the battery.

Notice: When replacing the battery, use care not to

touch any of the circuitry. Static from your body

transferred to these surfaces may damage the


1. Insert a flat object, such as a coin, into the slot on

the side of the transmitter and twist it to separate

the halves.

2. Gently pry the battery out of the transmitter. Do not

use the metal flanges to pop out the battery.

3. Replace the battery.

4. Reassemble the transmitter. Make sure the halves

are snapped together tightly so water will not get in.

5. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons

for seven seconds to synchronize the transmitter.

6. Check the transmitter operation.


Source: Page 93 of owners manual. Section 2 - 7


Here is a link to your owners manual.

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Excellent answer +


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