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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the HP Pavilion 13-s128nr x360, a consumer 2-in-1 laptop by HP released in September 2015.

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Why is my PC indicating that has no audio devices instaled?


Please help me with an audio device problem. Today I was using, as usual my HP Pavilion x360 and after a while I could not listen to anything. When I checked the audio devices incorporated the message was> No audio device installed. How is that possible? I used this PC for the last 6 months and there were no such problems. What can I do?

Thank you!

Best regards,


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Liliana MChis first try shutting down the computer completely and then restarting it . It may have dumped the audio drivers temporarily. If this brings no joy then go into you device manager and find your audio device and try updating the drivers or reloading the original drivers. Hope this helps

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let use know if you need help loading drivers , if this is something you've never done


Thank you for your answers. Done all of that. Nothing happend. Problem still remain. Can it be more serios than that? The hard-disk maybe?


Hi @Liliana Mchis,

Have you tried starting the laptop in "safe mode" to see if the sound is back? Go online to find out how to start Win 10 in safe mode if you do not know how.

If it is check the startup tab in task manager to see what is being loaded when you start Windows normally and which may be interfering with the audio controller.


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Ok downladed allready! It says that a wire is burnt or the sound system is malfunctioning. I had this problem to! It's pretty hard not able to no if you have a call or text.

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#hope it works LOL


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Ok let's see I'm going to download a app called tech pro and all get you back when i'm done!

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