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Information and repair instructions for GE Profile Refrigerator

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Strange revving noise from a refrigerator

Few weeks ago, my 2 year old fridge started making strange revving noises. Freezing still works Ok, but the noise is troubling.

It's not possible to describe the noise with words, but a recording might help:

Youtube clip

This noise seems to be coming from behind the bottom of upper compartment, above the freezer.

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What is the make and model number of your fridge?

Is it an "upside down" fridge i.e. fridge on top, freezer on bottom?

Does the noise stop when you open the fridge door and start again when you close it?

Is the temperature OK in the fridge section, not asking about the freezer as you said it was OK?

Finally, does the fridge seem to run all the time?


Sorry, I didn't mention the make and model - it's GE PFE28RSHSS, bottom freezer. The strange noise comes and goes, opening doors does not seem to affect it. Both freezer and fridge section seem to operate normally. And fridge does not run always, it's totally quiet at times.


Can I ask Jayeff? Yes, I have these symptoms. Temperature is set to high to safe energy. And this noise is mute when you open the door. Yes, “upside down"


I have GE profile model, freezer in the bottom. Noise happens while refrigerator is running and does not stop when opening the door. It does stop when refrigerator is not running , all is quiet. Sounds like a fan trying to start and then stop.


Rebecca @kroyal The condersor fan and the fans inside the refrigerator all run when the compressor is running. The ones inside the refrigerator stop when the door is opened. The condenser fan doesn’t stop when the doors are opened. The condenser fan is located behind the unit. It is near the compressor. You’d have to pull the unit away from the wall and remove the access panel at the bottom. If the noise is coming from this area, unplug the refrigerator and look for something that might be hitting the blade causing the noise. If there is dust and dirt, go ahead and vacumme it out. It should be cleaned yearly. If nothing is caught in the fan blade and the noise if from the fan, then the bearings are bad and you’d need to replace it. That fan is called the condenser fan motor. Things work their way under the fridge and can get caught in the fan. Hopefully that’s all the problem is and once you remove the object it will run just fine.


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It sounds like you have a GE Profile refrigerator with the CustomCool control set for "thawing". This is a normal operating noise while thawing. You can turn off the "thaw" setting and the noise should stop. Don't forget to check on the item your thawing and set the control for more thaw time if needed.

A model number would be a great help!

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LadyTech, Long time no read, hope you had a good Xmas and New year.


LadyTech about time you get back. There are plenty of Appliances to fix...good to hear you are back.


Thanks for your suggestion, but our fridge has no "thawing" setting. Temperature control drawer has selectable temperature, but so far we didn't use this feature. Today I set to to 34F, just to see it this would make any difference.


I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Hope y'all did as well. I've been promoted and will be moving. The next month will be hectic, but I hope to find time to help fix the world. LoL


LadyTech congrats to the promotion. Hope it's what you wanted and wishing you all the best for your upcoming move. Hope you find your way back to iFixit once you are settled.


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Hi @megs80 ,

If it is only a couple of months old from new, get it checked out under the manufacturer's warranty. Look for the warranty statement in the user manual or if it came as a separate document with the fridge, to see what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair.

Don’t open up / remove anything that is not opened or removed when using the fridge during normal use, as this will void the warranty.

What are the temperatures like in the freezer and the refrigerator? Are they both OK?

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i am just mechanically inclined and mine is revving right now-it drives me insane because i have misophonia (triggered by certain sounds) i pulled it out-took off the back piece at the bottom and used dust off spray to clean the fan (had dust on it) and cleaned all back there-it stopped revving

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My GE French door refrigerator is making a revving noise when I shut the two top doors, I can stop the noise by opening the ice machine side, any suggestions


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