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L'Apple iPhone 5s è stato presentato il 10 settembre 2013. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è simile a quella dei modelli precedenti e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di estrazione. Disponibile nelle versioni GSM o CDMA con capacità di 16 , 32 o 64 GB nei colori Argento, Oro e Grigio Siderale.

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Battery drain after full reassembly (Maybe burnt a smd)

Hey guys,

I have to say that I'm completely new to iPhone as a daily driver so maybe my values are default. But I guess they're not, at least I can't imagine they are.

Another problem I've got on my "new" iPhone 5s (iOS 10.2) which I just completely reassembled. When I use it and just browse the internet via wifi I notice a battery drain of about 1 % per 1.5 minutes which seems pretty high to me. Standby drain seems >ok<. I checked for any software sided drainers and disabled them when I don't need 'em. Mail changed from push to plan, disabled most background activity and only let location services be used when an app is used. All these things helped at least also with the standby drain which was higher before. Somehow my battery usage stats keep saying that they'd be available after some minutes of usage, even when it's already on for 10 hours. So that's another bug I'm struggling with. So I also can't check for high loads in the software.

So this day I barely used the phone at all. Just had it with me. I'm now at 50 %. Battery says 1 hrs 39 mins usage and 8 hrs 18 mins. While a friend of mine who also owns a 5s tells me that he has a battery life of about 40 hrs averaged, I almost make the day when using it.

I replaced everything of the phone with new parts upon reassembly except the logic board, it's associated Touch ID, and the back camera. New chassis, buttons, display, battery, screws, flex cables and connectors. But I always took cheap parts so maybe the battery isn't the best one, but I can't check for that. Battery check app said that it would be perfect with 1560/1560 capacity but if I read My iPhone 5s battery drains so fast in stand by mode I believe it could be a lie.

Also while connecting the battery to the logic board with my tweezers I came near a capacitor (purple circle in the picture below) right next to the battery's connector without touching it and a spark sprang up to my tweezers.

Block Image

Since then it looks a bit darker then the other parts. It's doesn't have that metallic shine anymore and looks a bit matte. Could the failure of this part cause this? The guy from Micro Soldering needed on component near battery connector. (Picture ) want's to replace it and says its phone is dead because of it.

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You have shorted the gas gauge cap. It is only a small value cap. Remove it or replace it and your problem will be solved. Your answer is in your question

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By gas gauge cap you mean the capacitor in the purple circle that I mentioned?


yes remove the cap you shorted this will solve. it is a low value 56pf so will not affect the function


May I ask if you now what this cap is for then? I mean it has to have any function at least, hasn't it? (just interested)


all capacitors are storage capacitors even low value. some call them smoothing capacitors but in order to smooth they must store energy so they are storage caps. low value capacitors reduce the amount of electron noise that travel through a circuit reducing spikes and fluctuations in the signal. all IC's have a operational tolerance level to function. these caps keep the tolerances in the mid field of operation. it is always better to replace but that depends on the ability of the person.


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The capacitors are there to filter the lines from noise.

Removing them can cause erratic behaviour because noise gets into the IC's and can cause incorrect readings of the level (high or low). If it is a large capacitor, for example, in microfarads (MF), then it is likely critical to the proper function. Smaller caps, like the 56pF (pico Farads) are less critical.

So to remove the faulty or shorted capacitor is a good example of a practical repair. A proper repair would be to replace the capacitor. Don't forget that engineers far smarter than most designed those in for a reason.

That said, I agree with tony, removing this cap should not affect your device.

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