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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Can I make my UE boom only be able to pair with 1 device?

The UE Boom 2 can pair with 2 devices simultaneously . thats nice some times but thats also annoying if a friends trolls you and just do anything with hes phone to pause my music. So i was wondering if i can disable that, and make just 1 person pair with the Speaker

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I have this problem, too. I have to unpair my device everytime after I'm done listening to the UE Boom. If I don't unpair it will automatically connect to my phone next time it's turned on. This is a problem whenever someone else wants to use the speaker and my device connects. It becomes a pain to pair and unpair everytime I want to listen to it.


@Chris Skwarlo

If convenient, have you tried just turning off BT in your device when you've finished with the speaker?


I have multiple people-friends and family-who have connected and tend to leave their bluetooth on. I cant force them to unpair if they dont want to. Its really annoying turning my speaker on in my home, and having someone elses devise pairing ang unpair when they walk in and out of range


I have the same issue. My boyfriend and I both share the UE boom 2 in our apartment. I will be listening to music or podcast in another room and if he opens his phone while his Bluetooth is one it will randomly pause whatever I’m listening to. He can just turn his Bluetooth off when not in use but I find this a bit annoying


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Try a factory reset by turning on your UE Boom 2. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom 2 will then turn off.

Turn it back on and pair it with your device again.

As all other paired devices should have been removed from the UE Boom 2 list by the reset they should not be able to connect to it without the Bluetooth button on the player being pressed, as the speaker is not in the pairing mode..

You can also change the BT name of the speaker making it more difficult for them to recognize that it is your speaker.

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Hmm Yea i guess that can help too but i meant is there an option to program the UE boom 2 to only accept pairing with 1 phone and then if an other 1 will try to join he wouldnt be able to, but if i disconnect, someone else can connect,only 1 at a time


Tho' thanks for the helpful answer..


Hi, If they are not already in the UE 's pairing list (it can have 8 listed) and it needs the Bluetooth button to be pushed for pairing to occur are they doing this while you are not looking, pushing the button on the speaker that is?

For somebody else to connect they have to already be in the pairing list in the speaker and the user who is currently in 'control" has to either pause their music, turn off their music, unpair their connection or switch their BT device off for the next user to be able to take control.


Thank you for this. I have had multiple family and friends connect to my speaker previously. Now if they Have their bluetooth on, it automatically connects to my speaker and overrides my music. Or worse, someone thinks it's cool to replace my music with theirs. Wish this thing had a chain of command access or at least a passkey that could be changed at will. But at least I can now remove all users and start again.


i agree with Alyssa Jade. Playing my music through the speaker (I also use it for teaching dancing) and others in my family are also paired to it, and theirs overrides my music. And its not intentional, often they are just texting or writing an email on their phone and the tapping stops my music and is played through the speaker... frustrating!


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I think it’s a design fault that can’t be fixed. The makers obviously didn’t test this in the development stage

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