Why is my polaroid pbt627 water and lights speaker shut off?

My polaroid water and lights speaker keeps shuting itself off. And sometimes wont turn on. And while i play music on it will make a beeping noise sometimes. And i charge it very long.

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What happens if you connect it to an appropriate charging device and try to use it? Does it turn on and play music with out shutting itself off, or beeping?

How is the music connected to the speaker, Bluetooth or via the Aux cable? If Bluetooth how far from the music source is the speaker, most Bluetooth have problems over 10 metres.

Sorry about all the questions, just trying to narrow down the problem


I have a PBT3018 tower speaker and I have a similar problem. Speaker keeps beeping every few seconds, interrupting the music in BT mode. In addition after a few minutes it will drop out of BT mode. Using the aux cable I get nothing. Aux light blinks so it detects the cable but I don't get any sound other than the repetitive beeping.


Same problem with mine


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