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The DVP-SR200P is a Sony DVD player that can play DVD's or CD's and that has four buttons on the front of the device. It is no longer manufactured by Sony.

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help me to convert it to English languge

My dvd sony sr660p is in Italian language kindly help me to convert it to English languge

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I cannot speak Italian so I am guessing here but this is how to navigate to the setup area in the player menu to change the language options. You may have to try a few things till you reach the correct area.

1. With the player in the Stop mode, press the ''Display button on the remote control.

2. Navigate to Setup and press the Enter button. (Perhaps written as configurazione?)

3. Navigate to Custom and press the Enter button (Perhaps written as personalizzate?)

4 Navigate to Language Setup and press the Enter button (Perhaps written as something Lingua?)

Select each option available in this category and change the language to English.

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