Microphone sounds muffled after port replacement

Replaced the lightening port (phone stopped charging). The microphone sounds muffled to callers. In case it was faulty, I replaced it with 3 different parts with all the same results.

Checked and removed excess adhesive on the microphone, checked placement and made sure the hole is clear, phone charges great with each new part except the microphone is still muffled.

What is going on???

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Are you using the rubber mic housing? Did you make sure it doesn't have any dust in its holes/cavities?

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Probably microphone isn't in correct position, it have to be putted correctly in to hole, if it will be not, youre callers may have problems while calling You like their own voices in their earspeakers.

There's low chance to have damaged 3 mics (everything is possible, you don't know who and how disconected those flex from phone - maybe some1 used to high temperature and melt the speaker), but You can also try use a IPA and toothbrush and gently clear the port on motherboard.

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I am having this problem now, jliscum31, did you find an answer or solution?

I have replaced the charge port twice. I made sure to not cover the microphone hole with adhesive. I tried to ensure the microphone was lined up in placement. The callers complain he sounds muffled and his voice cuts in and out.

Any thoughts!?

Thank you!

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