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Boot to long, press c, press option, new hard drive

I bought a new HDD, formatted, insert an OS leopard retail, recognized, but the apple and the lines arounds continue etternally, anyone know another way to install, something wrong with the install, any help will be great, thanks in advance.

Powerbook G4 1,67 1GB ram, super drive, 17" high res.

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Also I pull out the HDD and still have the same issue.


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Get another Mac with a G4 processor and hook them together with a firewire cable. Start your machine up holding down the "T" key. Do the install from the second Mac.

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Excellent answer, I did, install, everything ok trhough fiewire, but when I start apple logo lines arounds but freeze, I think there is something wrong in motherboard, I have several RAM 512, I change, I proved in the other mac, work fine, so any other suggestion any tip, thanks in advance and specially to mayer.


By the wy I pullout supper drive, I think is bad.


Start up holding the Shift key down.

Run disk utilities in Target Mode (firewire)


Nothing, after a while do the same, freeze, I did everything but never open OS.


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Are you sure the hard drive was formatted correctly? Just a suggestion. PPC Macs must be formatted in the Apple Partition Map Scheme in order to boot. PPC Macs will not boot from a GUID Partition Map Scheme. You will be able to install your OS on the hard drive but it will not boot. When formatting your drive in Disk Utility select the Options button and then select Apple Partition Map.

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