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Sony ICFC1T alarm clock/radio is manufactured so that in the event of a power outage, you have the peace of mind that your device will continue working so you never miss an event.

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Sony ICF-C1PJ Projector has stopped working

The projector from the clock radio suddenly stopped working. I changed the battery just to see if that helped, but it did nothing. Any ideas?

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Hi the key board doesn't work


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I assume that when you replaced the battery that you did not remove the AC power, is this correct? If you did then perhaps the following may not resolve your problem.

Try the following to see if the firmware settings controlling the clock/radio have been corrupted.

Performing the following procedure means that you will have to re enter all the appropriate settings for the time and your alarm preferences as they will be lost.

Remove the backup battery, remove the AC cord from the wall outlet and then press and hold the Time Zone button for about 10 seconds. This will drain any residual power left in the electronics.

Ensure that the projector unit is in the upright position. (12 o'clock?)

Re install the battery and then reconnect the AC supply.

Enter the time, date and alarm settings etc., into the clock radio again and then press the Projection button and see if it works.

If there is no light emanating from the projector it may be either a faulty light or there is no power being supplied to the light. The no power to the light issue may be due to a number of reasons, e.g faulty projection switch, faulty light controller unit, etc. Either way, light or power, the unit would have to be opened to ascertain what the actual problem is.

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I bought this item in a thrift store and checked it first and everything worked. I got home and plugged it in and nothing worked. I tried the above solution and it cleared the time but the buttons still don't respond and the radio and projector still don't work.


After a power outage, the projector quit working. I tried the above steps and plugged it back but still no joy. Then I reset the time and date etc. and clicked the projector on-off button a few times. Finally, I clicked the projector rotation button a few times and voila! It came on and is now working.


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Cut off the power supply and replace it with a new one (like 6.5V/2A) and you'll do fine. The lead with the white stripe is the +.

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