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The Netgear WNDR3800 was released in 2011.

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cant get 5ghz led to lite, band seems dead.

the 5ghz band of my netgear wndr3800 wont light up and is also

not accessable. 2.4 band led comes on and seems to connect with a wireless pc but has no access to the internet. pcs connected by lan

cable work fine. can i get it fixed reasonably or should i junk it?

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Have you been on this screen in your router's setup area and scrolled down and found Wireless Network (5.0GHz a/n) and enabled SSID broadcast?

Block Image

If so have you been on this screen to see if it is enabled

Block Image

If it hasn't been enabled do so and then see if the light comes on and that it can be detected by an appropriately equipped PC, i.e. it has 5GHz WiFi capability.

If you still can't get the 5GHz WiFi to work, try either reinstalling or updating the firmware. If there has been some corruption with the software reinstalling it may solve the problem. Here is a link that shows how to do it and also you can download it from there as well.

With regards to your 2.4GHz internet connection.

Have you tried accessing the router using WiFi?

Disconnect the LAN cable from the pc and connect to the router using WiFi. Once connected, open a browser window and type in the address bar and see if it connects to the router's login page. If so it proves that you have a valid WiFi connection between the PC and the router. Entering the router's username and password on this page and gaining access further proves that you are connected correctly.

What actually happens when you try to connect to the internet using wireless? What error message(s) if any do you get?

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The photos showed up too small to see what they were and I couldn't enlarge them enough either but

figuring they must be some kind of Genie screens, I used the genie program thats installed and went to

the support paged where I found some info that jibed with what you had written. It also gave me the same url you had mentioned so I went there and was able to get the wireless channels working good. Thanks again for your help. Ray.


Hi @ayeray

Glad that you got it going.

Bit surprised that you had a problem with the images I posted. Usually if you click (or double click) on them they open up to a reasonable viewing size in a new window.


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