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The LG K7 is smartphone released by LG in February 2016 and runs on Android 5.1.

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Bought phone used. Help.

I bought the phone used. When I try and set it up it wants the old users Gmail and password. I have no idea how to get in touch with the old user. Is there any way around this problem, or am I just SOL.

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Try a hard reset on the phone. (Also known as a master reset)

A hard reset will erase all downloaded apps and user data. It will restore the phone to a factory default condition. It will be like when it was new.

Before performing a hard reset, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Do not leave the charger connected when performing a hard reset.

Remove the external SD Card if any inserted.

Here is a link that shows how to do a hard reset. Scroll down to the section which describes how to perform a hard reset using the hardware keys.

Be patient, a reset takes a short while to complete.

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