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The Dell Inspiron 1526 was a laptop released in 2008 known for the a swap-able face plates and its portability.

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Blank screen at start up

When I turn the laptop on the screen stays blank.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'm having the same problem with 1 of my laptops I've tried resetting it and it is still black, the charger is in and there is a green light on the rectangular thing


*The laptop is the same model Inspiron 1526


use an external monitor just to make sure your LCD is not broken


I worked out the cable at the end on the plug had been pulled and there was a virus. The laptop was originally vista but it currently xp which isn't supported anymore. But when I go to boot manager it doesn't say vista is there a way of reinstalling vista even though I don't have the disc as I think it might be in storage


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Here is a link to an article I hope will help you. Good luck, Ralph.

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+ nice link. Lots of pretty pictures ;-)


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