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The TDK Life on Record A33 is a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. It was released in 2012 and is now discontinued.

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My A33 dies after few minutes outside and works perfectly inside

After just a few minutes outdoors (and always in the shade) my A33 will shut off and the power button will be red. I will then charge it (though it charges quickly indicating the battery wasn't depleted) and the same sequence occurs again. Yet indoors it performs well for hours. Of course the volume is much higher outdoors but that shouldn't affect it. I even tried a wired connection on AUX to eliminate a possible bluetooth error but it still drops out and fluctuates in volume up and down but at a very low level with the power button red. This speaker is designed for outdoors use but it doesn't act like it. Can you enlighten me to what the problem might be?

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Have your checked the temperature of this device, it maybe overheating. Just a thought.


burnssefton do you plug it into a power source when it is inside/outside? "it charges quickly indicating the battery wasn't depleted" not necessarily. A battery that has failed and does no longer hold a charge will do the same. If you keep it indorrs and run it at the same volume as outdoors, does it turn off as quickly?


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He adquirido una unidad de su hermano mayor el A34, que varía poco con el A33, para hacer unas pruebas. Lo probé hace unos años y he adquirido uno de segunda mano, aun no lo tengo pero creo que este altavoz tiene un problema de gestión de batería en su construcción por todos los comentarios que leo. Mi conclusión es que su electrónica supongo que cuando subes el volumen y encima está conectado a bluetooth demanda mucho voltaje y la batería se viene abajo. Estoy buscando mas información del problema real de este equipo, si alguien puede guiarme lo agradezco.

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