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A unibody aluminum generation of the Mac mini identifiable by the model number A1347, spanning the Mid 2010 to the currently sold Late 2018 model.

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FAN at max speed after hard-disk replacement

I followed instructions to replace the internal hard-disk, but I think I've damaged one thermal sensor, now fan is running at full speed and is not possible to slow down it via software (I tried with SMC Fan Control).

Is there any other way to force control of the fan ? I don't know where to find another thermal cable here in Italy...


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This is a Mid 2010 machine. It's under warranty. Why are you replacing the hard drive?


Ok I'll try to find a new sensor cable...


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If you don't plug in the sensor in the first place, the fan will run 100% all the time. Make sure the other end is plugged in where it belongs?

If the sensor part really is broken, your options are kinda limited. You can mail order another one if you want, they seem to be running about $25 though I know nothing about shipping to Italy. Apple calls it a "hard drive sensor cable" and here's your google search.

I would imagine if you really like hacking your hardware you could get a manual fan control and just set the fan to the highest noise you want to put up with but that's really a horrible way to treat a brand new computer.

Good luck!

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I've changed it with a SSD unit

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