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They Pyrus Digital Video Camera Recorder is a 24.0 mega pixel camera and video recorder. It has USB and HDMI support plugs as well as an 18x zoom and SD port.

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What if my camera wont turn on and something is broken?

My camera recorder screen will not turn on. The screen remains black when I open it and when I try and turn it on. I dropped my camera a few weeks back and now I can hear something rattling around in the body, I think something is broken?

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The most likely cause of this problem is either that the screen is damaged or one of the wires got broken when you dropped the camera. You need to determine what the actual cause of the rattling noise is. I would first start by viewing the Teardown for Wire Fixing Guide.

If you find that you need more information about anything else, then the Troubleshooting Guide should able to help you further.

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