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Repair guides for the Magic Trackpad. Released in 2010.

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Battery corroded and is stuck in my apple trackpad.

How do I remove the corroded battery?

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I had this happen to me too. What happens when the alkaline batteries start to leak is they leave behind a white residue of potassium carbonate. That sort of seals the cap on. The notch in the cap is roughly about the thickness of nickel or a quarter. I had to use a quarter to get enough leverage to get the cap off.

I had started with a screwdriver but that had started bending the aluminum.

Once I got the batteries out I used vinegar to clean the contacts. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save the trackpad, because even cleaned up I couldn't get it to turn on again. :(


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These are the worst. Apple keyboards and magic trackpads are notorious for this issue. You really have only 2 options, get the battery out and try to clean the connector to the battery, or get a new one :( The only way to pry the battery out via the entry point of the battery. You cant go through the back. Maybe a pair of forcepts or a spudger or both.

EDIT 5.14.16 5:41: This guy had some luck with a screw.

Immagine Metal Spudger


Metal Spudger


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The spudger was a great idea. I was able to get mine out by just using a small flathead screwdriver and tapping the trackpad forcefully on my palm. I used the screwdriver to loosen the batteries, around the edges, the the tapping did the rest.

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I ran into this exact problem - the input here helped a lot.

I manage to remove the top battery using a screwdriver, but the bottom battery wouldn’t bulge, not even rotate a bit. At a loss, I decided to soak the battery compartment (yes, including the electronics) into vinegar overnight.

This led to a lot of stuck matter being dissolved and forming a sludge in the vinegar, but in the morning I could rotate it slightly using a screwdriver.

Then I tapped it forcefully opening-hole down (on a table corner protected by a thick layer of cloth), and I could see the battery moving slightly with each tap - until I got it out.

I thoroughly cleaned the interior of the battery compartment with paper tissue until I could see the contact at the bottom sparkle, and then I dried it with a hair dryer on low for about 15 mins, until the metal was just a bit too hot to touch (about 65C).

Inserted new batteries and after a couple of button presses I could see it on the Bluetooth pairing list, although the LED doesn’t always work (somebody else using vinegar said it didn’t work after cleaning, but maybe it’s just the LED that doesn’t work

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Not as hard as it seems. First pry off the plastic cover on the back of the keyboard using a small blade. Inside you will see a small ribbon cable and a small screw holding it in place. Remove the screw and gently rotate the tube inside to get to the ribbon cable. Unclip the ribbon cable (a bit fiddly)and slide the plastic tube out of the opposite end of the keyboard to the batteries. You can then use a long screwdriver or similar to push the battery from the end of the battery compartment into the void left in the centre of the compartment. Clean any corrosion and re-assemble in the reverse order.

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My batteries were also stuck in my Apple track pad due to corrosion. I used a small flat head screwdriver to dislodge the batteries. I inserted the screwdriver between the battery and the tube - there is a slight give. Do not force it in - just gently place the head of the screw driver on the edge of the battery and move the battery - going around the battery so that it moves in all directions. The first battery quickly came out of the tube. The second battery was a bit trickier - but it came out in less than 30 seconds. I then used the flat head of the screwdriver to remove corrosion buildup in the tube. Do it gently and scrape the inside of the battery tube - you will see buildup coming out. I replaced the batteries and had no problems connecting the track pad to the Mac.

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