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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Xbox one Controller wont sync

My xbox one controllers wont sync no more. When i press the console sync button it wont flash or anything. it only works when i have it wired but cant use it wireless. i had a new ribbon cable replaced in it and still dont sync. could it be my rf module or the wifi board? and can you tell me the functions and symptoms of them? thanks

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Remove batteries and connect controller with console via usb. Go to settings and there is a tab for controller inside that there is even a button for updating your controller with the latest firmware. If there is an update then do it. Turn of console, use NEW double A (AA) batteries, not the one you can recharge, single use batteries. Put them inside controller then connect controller with cable onto XBOX ONE, hit XBOX ONE power button. Your controller will vibrate for a moment. When XBOX show dashboard (homescreen) try controller. If does not work press the XBOX button on top of the controller. If it works then remove cable connecting controller with console. If controller turns off (the xbox logo on top turns off) then there is problem with controller if not there is problem with XBOX ONE console.

Hope this direct you to the problem and then fix it!

Best of luck!

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