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A bluetooth and wifi-capable AM/FM radio speaker.

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Why is my battery Bluetooth all of a sudden not working anymore?

My Bluetooth function of my device has stopped functioning, is it an issue with the Bluetooth chip or is it an issue with the device I am using?

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Bluetooth can be very finicky. Sometimes devices won't connect to one another because of interference with other electronics in the area, or it could be that either your speaker or the device you're trying to connect to has an outdated bluetooth.

Bluetooth can be interfered by things like modems or routers, USB 3.0 outlets, and other bluetooth devices in your proximity. There are a few things you can try to fix this issue, you should refer to this device's Troubleshooting Guide first before trying anything else.

If this problem persists after troubleshooting, you should refer to the replacement guide for the Bluetooth.

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