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The InFocus LP540 is a digital projector, which provides video and computer inputs. It has a XGA 1024x768 resolution. The repair requires screwdrivers and other useful tools.

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projector picture shows only half

projection from CPU only shows half the picture on screen

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Sounds like a bad screen inside, these projectors run of a tiny little pc screen with a massive light behind them and a lens in-front, sounds like the little screen is buggered and im afraid to get a replacement would cost more than a new projector.

Although it might be worth making sure that something hasn't come loose and is just sitting between the lens and the light, have a look in the lens WITH THE UNIT OFF so u don't blind yourself and see if it looks like something is blocking half of it.

Also the half that is not showing is it white or black?

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Select 1024x768 resolution from your computer

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