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Released February 2015. Model numbers XT1527, XT1514, XT1523, and XT1506.

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Can I attach this pin directly to ground?

So I have a phone that wont turn on, opened it up and noticed the battery connector has broken off the main board. I don't know much about circuits, but I believe a battery connector should have one pin that powers the phone and one pin that goes directly to ground. According to the picture, do you think if I attach the right pin on the connector to ground will it work, because the right pad has been ripped off?

I appreciate any responses!


Can I attach to the exposed copper?

Re edit:

So now I just need t o know if I can attach to that solder I put down, chances are im going to try it either way.

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Thanks for response Kyle. Yeah I definitely have an iron. I am done for the day though, I will probably gov it a try tomorrow and I will post up my results. In the meantime, if anyone has advice that would be great.


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JUST DO IT i know alot about circuits and i know you will need a sottering iron if you want it to work

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