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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Vertical lines only on screen

I have bright colored vertical lines on the screen ONLY!

If I twist the screen (hold the upper left corner and pull the upper left corner down towards the keyboard the lines go away and I have a normal screen.

Help? sure get tired twisting the screen.

twisting the screen clears the problem --must be a connection problem NOT firmware problem

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Although this address the same issue on the 17" model, it may solve your problem.

Apple has issued a firmware update for its new 17-inch MacBook Pro which, supposedly, addresses a problem of vertical lines appearing on the display. The problem is apparently being experienced by a portion of owners of Apple’s new 17-inch unibody MacBook Pros: some displays show green vertical lines and other display anomalies when using the integrated Nvidia 9600GT discrete graphics processor.

Apple’s svelte (770K) update appears to fix the problem; however, it is not the first time Apple has had issued with the Nvidia graphics controllers used in its MacBook Pro systems. Some users reported the vertical lines problem only happened when the laptop was running hot; others reported the problem even when the 17-inch system was running cool.

Owners can download the firmware update from Apple directly, or pick it up automatically via Mac OS X’s built-in Software Update feature.

If this fails the problem is most likely with the inverter cable. I would check the connections. This is Apples part number 922-8713. I don't see where iFixit carries it but there are several links. Do a search for Mac & 922-8713.

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The lines are caused by a short circuit in the display assembly. Unless you find someone really savvy in terms of working on the electronics, the display must be replaced to fix the problem.

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Had this issue with a sony laptop, hook up to an external moniter and if it displays fine on that then its the screen and not the graphics card.

youtube taking out the screen and replacing (very carefully as the cover screen will crack). You might be lucky and just have a loose lead into the back of the lcd. Plenty of people offer screen replacement service for £150 fitted online (apple is nearer £300).

If its the graphics card then unfortunatly it may be the system has got so hot the chip has lifted sightly (bad solder mix/lead free that all companies seemed to use for a coupe of years, melts at lower temps) to remedy this it would need to be re-seated professionaly (not just heated as thats temporary) that again if you look around can be done for £100 upward.

Good luck and hope I've helped.

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