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10.1 inch display, 2.7 pound HP netbook released in January 2010. Available in all black, red, blue, and silver color, and complete with six-cell battery.

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laptop power on, fan spins but no dislplay.


just ordered a new motherboard for my hp mini 210-1014ee from U.S and am having problem with it because it failed to post.I tested the board without connecting the other components such as the wfi card,hard disk,keyboard and battery.I made sure the ram was well seated(2gb ram),installed heat sink and fan.Connected the adapter and switched it on.Power indicator lighted up,fan was spining but no display.Tried it again with other working rams still no display.Tried it again this time with external monitor,still no display even when I disconnected screen cable from the board.I connected a keyboard to see if the board will recognise the device.Hit the capslock &numlock keys no light came up.Please I need your help,what do I do?


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Why did you replace the logic board? Spill?


because the board is dead.Was charging but won't power on.


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Try it with the netbook keyboard connected. If it still doesn't POST, leave the keyboard connected and also connect the battery.

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