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The Bose SoundLink III, released February 2014, is the 3rd generation of Bose's SoundLink Mobile speakers. It is a modern, minimalist Bluetooth-capable portable speaker.

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Why does my speaker sound distorted/muffled?

I've noticed my Soundlink III sounds noticeably muffled or distorted. What do I do?

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First, check if the sound quality issues occur when you are connected via 1) Bluetooth only, 2) AUX only, or 3) both Bluetooth and AUX connections.

If 1), the problem could be due to your phone being too far away from the Soundlink, so try moving closer to it. If this doesn't resolve it, your phone may be overworked, so try closing out of any excess apps and turning off Wi-Fi.

If 2), the issue could be with either the AUX cable itself, or the AUX port on either your phone or the Soundlink. Try using a different AUX cable to test this. If the problem persists despite using different cables, it may be a problem with the ports.

If 3), there may be something faulty with the Soundlink's speaker itself. This would require replacement of the speaker.

For further information, please visit our troubleshooting page.

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Hey. I been having the same problem for a while. I even went to the store and they replaced my old speaker to a new one. And guess what?

The same problem keept happening. So I'm assuming is the phone. But u have tried so many options. Bluetooth ,Aux, Turning the WiFi off and on, using diferent source of music. I have tried different phones and computers and nothing.

The only thing I have noticed. Is that when I play my music very loud the problem goes away. (That's a problem for me because I love music. And I have bought that expensive equipment so I can listen good quality songs)

And plus not always you want to listen to music that loud.

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