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Released in 2013, the TDK Life on Record A26 is a compact, waterproof, portable speaker with Bluetooth and speakerphone capabilities.

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What does flashing lights mean?

I turn on the hard switch and push the power button, after three seconds the bluetooth and auxiliary buttons flash. Then device turns off and does not work. Is there a way to fix this? It is an error code but I can not find what it means. Any ideas?

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please supply error code


The error code is the simultaneous three flashes of the auxiliary and bluetooth buttons. I do not know what that signifies but if you are a computer literate you would understand that it is an error code.


Hi, I realized it was an error code but thought perhaps a reset might clear it


Yeah, I tried the reset again, regardless. Still didn't help.



Can't find any info regarding error codes, so am trying to eliminate possibilities. All these questions relate to establishing whether there is a problem with the battery and or the charging circuitry of the speaker.

1. What happens when you only connect a charger that is powered on? 2. Does the correct charging light i.e. red or amber show? 3. If red does it eventually change to amber? 4. Does it work properly when fully charged? 5. If not does it work properly when connected to the charger?

If the above do not point to a problem with the power:

Have you tried disconnecting the battery for a short period and then reconnecting it to see if this clears the problem? Here is a link that shows how to unplug the battery

2 part answer


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Here is a link that shows how to reset your A26.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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