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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the HP Pavilion 13-s128nr x360, a consumer 2-in-1 laptop by HP released in September 2015.

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Replacing cracked screen on convertible hp 360 laptop

Brand new, not even 2 Months old. I closed it and when I reopened the lower left part of the screen was popping out and has cracks around the edge. I know it wasn't dropped or anything. Looking for a replacement screen or how to repair it. Everything works just fine. The Crack is in the black bezel area. Anyone know where to find a replacement?

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Maybe try contacting HP first, just in case it is a production fault. Never hurts to ask before you start changing things and perhaps voiding your warranty.


The same thing happened to mine, screen popped put so push it back in and it cracked the screen. Touchscreen is unresponsive but lcd seems undamaged. Gutted as like you its pretty much brand new too.


Same here less than two weeks with this laptop , I am very gentle with it as well and I closed it next morning looked like a tiny scratch bottom left corner . My touch pad acts up towards anything that swipes against my screen


brand new, just got yesterday, hp elitebook, handle with care, put in the same laptop beg that I used everyday, this morning when I want to login my pc, i saw tiny scratch on my left laptop, then saw syiling on top of the keyboard, so bad, screen become scratch n black, any idea where to report and is it covered under warranty?


same thing happened to me today. I recently bought a lightly used HP spectre. I used it last night, shut it down and closed it, When I opened it up today to start working, I noticed a crack in the upper right corner of the laptop.


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I agree with jayeff's comment about contacting HP. If your not under warranty, you can find the support information from HP's site below.

The service and maintenance guide for your model is available on HP support site; The link is here:

The instructions on page 41 provide the information that you need, which will include the part number for the display assembly or display itself..

You can find the part using HP's part surfer tool using the link below. There are also some sellers on eBay that you may also be able to find the parts from as well

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in my case I broke my laptop's screen when it fell on the edge and the Bezel hurt the led screen itself. Now Touch works but screen blinks showing bleed. model number s108na UK . I guess the part number is 809833-001 however, the partsurfer HP site, doesn't allow me to order the part. Only authorized to order I think.

Is there a way to get the part shipped to INdia or can this laptop be taken to INdia Service centre to servicing ?


No service manual at the link provided. Maybe HP is removing them from their web site?


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