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The Asus U56E is a 15-inch Windows laptop released by Asus in 2011.

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CPU fan making noise

ASUS U56E cpu fan is making noise when it runs. Sometimes it's louder than other times. I have a replacement fan ordered. Does anyone have any documentation on how to tear down the laptop and replace the fan?

Thanks much,

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Here is a link which shows how to dis-assemble an Asus U56E.

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WOW, was that detailed documentation. Thanks so much.



Just a suggestion. Keep the screws removed at each step of the dis-assembly in a separate container. A lot of containers I know. This is so you will have the correct screws at each step when you replace them. Also take notice in case 1 screw is different from the others removed at that step in the procedure. Mark the screw hole so you know where it came from. Bit of overkill but it makes re -assembly so much easier. At a minimum, at least place the screws in a container, it's amazing how they can disappear!


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