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The TDK Life on Record A33 is a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. It was released in 2012 and is now discontinued.

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Why won't my TDK Life on Record A33 charge?

I'm trying to charge the speakers, but when I plug in the charger nothing happens. Is there anything I can do to get it charging?

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My A73 wouldn't charge and there is another connector on the battery compartment


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Ensure that the main power switch (located on the side under the flap is in the OFF position, when trying to charge the unit.

If it is and you still get no charging indication with the charger connected to a known working power outlet try the following:

Connect another known working 12V DC output charger (specs are on the charger) with the correct size plug (centre is the + pin - most are but be aware). If the light comes on your 1st charger is faulty. If not you either have a faulty battery or a faulty charging circuit in the speaker .

If the speakers work when connected to the charger then the problem is most likely that the battery has failed. They do have a life expectancy. Here is a link for a replacement battery

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Thank you for the info. The main power switch was off and I don't have another charger. I think I'm going to replace the battery.


Hey I have a similar problem. At first though my speaker would be on and working but it just wouldnt charge. Eventually the battery died and i haven't been able to charge it since.


Nate Kristich sounds like a bad battery.


my battery went bad as well - new battery similar price to replacing the whole thing


How to charges my tdk speaker a33

Is turn of or turn on to recharges


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If your device isn't charging, it might be because you need to turn off your device. There might also be problems with your AC adapter or your battery. The troubleshooting guide for the A33 not charging can be found here

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