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In August 2000, the ninth-generation Corolla was introduced in Japan, with edgier styling and more technology to bring the nameplate into the 21st century.

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My car is running on 3 cylinders.

About 10 months ago the radiator of my car was replaced. The car was overheating periodically. I thought it was the thermostat, but the mechanic did not replace this. The car continued to get hot periodically. I was informed today that the car is running on 3 cylinders. The car is a 2003 with 200k+

Miles. Is it worth it to repair?

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Take it to an AutoZone and get a free computer readout so you know what the problem is.

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First, I would like to know what brought them to that conclusion?

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So many questions could be asked on this situation. Did the mechanic give you any feed back? Is the 4 th cylinder locked up? Have you hooked up a code reader to get the check engine codes? Do you get your fluids replaced regularly? Did you recently have a radiator service?


I concur with the above request for more questions. Can you scan their repair estimate into here? Block out any personal info, of course. One bad cylinder can be many things-- the real question is what is the COST of the repair? That's the REAL determining factor about fixing it or not.


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