820-2879 board , green light in magsafe, not turning on

hi i have a 820-2879 board , there is green light in magsafe, not turning on, no water damage, clean logicboard, i have microscope, and schematic,

any idea where to start? , thanks

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Try reset the smc by taking the battery out unplugged , hold the power button down for 10 seconds then wait 10 seconds connect the charger and battery and hit the button. Start there first before you pop open the schematics do you have boardview software for the schematic?


yes i have bv too, u7200? how do i chk all the power rail?


Bro we are going to have to many back and forth on this I can already tell. You need to youtube a1278 no power and learn a bit for week.

Go to the power pads -- smc_on/off and try to manual start it ,check it for 3.4 volts first. U7200 --probe around it see if you get your 5v use boardview


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