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Quadcopter with pre-installed camera gimbal, 4K video camera, and wireless video transmission.

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Why is the phantom not flying up?

i put the throttle stick on the highest position and the propellors just move faster but the phantom doesn't fly up

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Pls try to calibrate your RC and check the setting maybe you accidentally change in RC System assistant pls try mode 1 if currently set in mode 2 or vice versa.

Mode 1 settings

Left joysticks are for ascending and descending

Mode 2 settings

Right joysticks will be for ascending and descending

or do the full calibration of your RC by calibrating RC assistant first then Vision assistant after

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Mode II Transmitter has Rudder and Throttle on the left. Ailerons and Elevator on the right. In the case of a drone, the Left stick controls the Throttle to make the drone go up and down. It also controls the "rudder" and will make the drone Yaw or rotate on its horizontal axis, left and right. The right stick will cause the drone to move forward and backward and left and right. Mode I reverses the Throttle and Elevator functions


I had the same issue with another drone but you can't put the props on wrong with a phantom. Unless the motors were put in wrong.


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