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Why do my internal speakers only work in Windows7/Bootcamp?

Running OSX Yosemite, I have no sound from the internal speakers, and they don't even show up as an option in the sound settings, just headphones show. The sound that comes through the headphones is horrible. I tried all kinds of things but gave up on it and have been using a Bluetooth speaker on my desk.

Yesterday I loaded Windows 7 using Bootcamp and while attempting to get the Bluetooth speaker to work I found that the internal speakers were working just fine in Windows 7/Bootcamp. The sound is great!

Any ideas how I can get the speakers to work on the Mac side?


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What do you see in the System Preferences - Sound settings?

Do you have the Internal Speakers hi-lighted? Also check the Balance & Output volume settings.


Sounds like the headphone outlet is damaged. Within it is a small switch that can get damaged from a bad plug.

Luckly, the I/O board can be replaced. Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 I/O Board Replacement. That should fix it!

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Internal speakers is not an option, just "Headphones".

Output volume is okay, not on mute or positioned at low setting.


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