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Apple ha lanciato il MacBook Pro 15" Retina con un nuovo display con risoluzione 2880 per 1800 pixel.

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Liquid Damage - Display Working / No Backlight

I have recently obtained an Early 2013 MBP 15-inch Retina, 2.4 / 8GB / 256 SSD. The person that donated the laptop informed me that she spilled some liquid into the machine and that it no longer works. Come to find out the machine boots and runs fine, display works through thunderbolt -> HDMI or HDMI port and LCD, however, there is no backlight.

I checked the fuse labeled "P" below the right fan with a multimeter and I do have continuity. The liquid sensor is tripped under what I believe is the LVDS connector.

Can anyone provide next steps for troubleshooting this bad boy?



EDIT: Board is 820-3332-A

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Of course there is no LVDS on this machine since it uses displayport, so no need to check a non-existent connector. Replace the LCD connector since pin 1 is burned, and make sure there is no short to ground when you plug the LCD cable back in. This didn't happen on its own, you spilled something or replaced the screen so check for whatever caused this.

Pin 1 of the LCD connector is the fuse on retinas, the fuse never blows. On 820-3787 they fixed this stupid $@$* but 820-3332 melts the LCD connector without fail every time.

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sorry I edited lvds to the proper,, long day way to go with the comments "non existent" he got the juxtaposition


I deleted my answer so you can take it from here


Well, after watching a boat load of YouTube videos (Louis Rossmann) I have realized I simply don't have the skill to perform this repair in the correct manner. I ended up sending it out to him to be repaired.

I really appreciate your guys willingness to help me out. You're awesome.

Can an admin close this thread out?


No closing on ifixit threads are for future information


Yes, I could close it but won't. There's good information here for others.


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