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Quadcopter with pre-installed camera gimbal, 4K video camera, and wireless video transmission.

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Will not start (spin up)

I put in fully charged battery press button battery once then again to begin start up (spin up) sequence but nothing happens. Please tell what i need to replace because drone is out of warranty.

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Pls try this steps

1. First Calibrate your remote control using DJI RC System assistant. ( RC connected to PC)

2. Then Calibrate your remote control using Phantom 2 vision assistant (Drone connected to PC)

I experienced the same problem after Turning On my P2V+ it won't spin up using CSC in my remote.

above steps solve my problem. Hoping we have the same problem.

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I cant calibrate the drone because there is no power getting to it, the battery lights up on the first and second pushes then stops and nothing happens, no musical tone or anything..


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