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Il controller wireless Xbox 7MN-0001, prodotto da Microsoft Corporation, è il controller più utilizzato per la console di gioco Xbox e può essere utilizzato anche su PC.

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Why is my controller over heating, and not vibrating?

I found that after a month or so after buying the Call of Duty Xbox One. That the controller that it came with began to over heat and not vibrate. I also have found that the plug and play rechargeable battery that I use loses power very fast as well in this controller, but does not in the controller it came with. I have tried doing a firm ware update with it, and followed all of Microsoft's troubleshooting tips but nothing has helped. It says to send it back to them but I would like to fix the problem on my own.

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The wire from the vibrating motor probably came loose and is now touching other things in the controller causing the problem.

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If your Xbox One Wireless Controller no longer vibrates when it’s supposed to, see the Xbox One Wireless Controller Won’t Vibrate problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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