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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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How to fix my display not working correctly?


Changing the glass of the ipad mini, when I finished the display won't work correctly. I just displays randoms lines and the bottom of the screen is all black.

I tried cleaning the connectors and pluging it again, but no success. Any ideas ?

Block Image

here's what is looks like

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It appears that the LCD is damaged. It is hard not to damage the LCD or digitizer when trying to do a glass only repair. Applying to much pressure, or using the incorrect tools can easily damage the LCD. Your display in the photo signals a cracked or damaged LCD. You will need a new display assembly (digitizer + LCD) to fix your device.

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Why is a new digitizer necessary? I have the same issue here, but if the vertical lines signify a damaged LCD, wouldn't that be the only thing to replace? Just trying to save $70 if I don't have to spend it.


Yes you would only need an LCD if the digitizer is undamaged.


Thank you, appreciate the assist!


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It looks like you damaged the LCD while replacing the digitizer. What you will need to do is buy a new LCD for the ipad and carefully take the ipad apart again and replacing the lcd with the new one. The glass+digitizer you purchased is still fine and as long as you remove it without damage you can use it again when you install the new lcd.

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how to repair my ipad mini,i cannot open my itunes only disable never working.

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LCD is cracked.involuntarily you have applied too much pressure and LCD is broken. you should replace it.

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