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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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Paper Jam and Ink Out lights are lighted?

At end of page 1 of 2-page document, both Ink Out and Paper Jam lights have lighted. Cannot turn off or restore. Has plenty of paper and ink.

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appears that the out-put rollers are not turning.


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This is a “headless” Epson, so if that happens the moment you turn your machine on the waste ink pad is saturated.

For this model I’ve went into a lot of detail here, but the main takeaway is you need to use a 3rd party tool (Usually Epson WIC reset utility but you need a reset key, or the leaked copy of the official Epson tools. While I found it for yours, Google had a stroke and treated it as a "virus" (hmmm, okay?). As such, I had to upload the files to Megaupload. You will need to change the pad or modify the printer, and then reset it back to 0%. Either of those approaches work, so it’s really a matter of how willing you are to take the printer apart or if you’d rather hack it together externally.

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