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Water fixtures and their piping, as well as the myriad of components that keep them flowing.

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Leaking water fountain from brass ( flow control?) device

We have a 1950's vintage water fountain

which is leaking from a brass cylindrical device

( See 5) in image looking up under fountain - link below )

that water flows through just before going to the fountain head. The

first question is, what is the brass device? It's hard to search for

information if you dont know what to call it..

In :

1) silver, upper left shutoff from incoming water

2) blue to filter not shown

3) stainless flex tubing near shutoff comes from filter

4) dull silver bottom center is valve

5) brass with slot in lower right is "brass cylindrical device"

shown looking at bottom end of cylindar. when slotted cover is

removed there is a spring. Sorry, I did not take a picture with it off

or one showing a side view of brass device yet.

My hunch is that the brass device controls pressure / flow to the fountain but that is just a guess.

Email copies or notices of replies appreciated.

We are considering replacing the fountain with an ADA compliant

fountain but it seems like it should be fixable.



Fred H. Olson Minneapolis,MN 55411 USA (near north Mpls)

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Sure, the brass valve is your pressure regulator.

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