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HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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How can I pair my speaker with other devices?

Speaker does not play the sound from other audio devices.

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How can I pair my speaker to echo


My jam speaker has paired succcessfuly on many occasions, but will not pair today to my I pad. The device is on and fully charged


don’t know how to fix amazon speaker to my device


My jam2.0 speaker isn't paring with my Samsung s8


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Many devices are not compatible for connection with the HMDX Jam HX-P230. For example, other stereo systems often will not connect as well as many types of gaming devices. To pair the speaker to a handheld device, turn on the device's Bluetooth function and enter the code provided. The speaker can connect from up to 30 feet away, and it works with many Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

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My jam2.0 speaker isn't pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S8

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