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Ps3 slim controller not charging?

I have this ps3 slim controller that is not charging... it was working fine until the battery went low, i ignored it and kept watching movies from my media server, (by the way ps3 media server is awesome) after 20-30 minutes my ps3 controller totally ran out of juice so i went in and plugged in the USB to ps3 and the other end to my controller... surprisingly no red blinking lights on the remote, totally no sign of power whatsoever, so i test my console with my USB card reader, it's working... so i tried to plug the controller in to my PC, same thing, no sign of life or the hardware notification sounds ... nothing...

I need you guy's help is there any hack or way to sign in to my console like iPhone or android app or pc software, hardware or anything to get me signed in to my ps3 just enough to activate the ANYNET HDMI (system settings) so i can control the ps3 through my plasma TV remote...



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I think your simplest option would just be to buy a cheap new controller. I have seen them for as low as $20.

I'm sure there is software out there if you look, but in my experience with that sort of thing, unless you really don't want to cough up $20, it isn't worth it.

If you use it for gaming at all, (which, considering it is a PS3 I would assume that you do) you will need a new controller eventually anyway, so might as well pick one up now.

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After looking around for software to do what you want I have to agree with Andrew and suggest you buy a new controller. Ralph +


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