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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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is 30G a 4th? how long for battery delivery in the USA?


I'm living in Thailand and unable to get a new battery. (Apple's policy here is to sell you a new iPod.) I have two Qs--

1. My iPod is 4th generation, a1099 but it is 30G. Is that right? You do not list it so I am thinking I'm mistaken.

2. I'm not a geek (way not, dinosaur-type) but am thinking of having my husband buy your battery and bring it to me from the US. How long for an order to reach him? Sub Question: can a regular joe install the thing?

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Apple's policy EVERYWHERE is to sell you a new iPod. It's built-in obsolescence. You're asking the right question!


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Thank you! I ordered the right one and will know in three weeks (when my husband brings it from the US to Thailand) whether or not I can install it. Your response gives me the encouragement I need!

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Glad Ben's answer was helpful! Please feel free to click the "Accept Answer" button at the top of his post if you're happy with the info he provided to close the post. You can also click the yellow "up" arrow on the left above his bear icon to give him extra points for a good answer.


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The A1099 iPods are iPod Photos. They are identical in form factor, but the Photos have a color display. Your iPod uses this battery.

As for shipping, it depends on where he is. Please see the shipping section of our Sales Policies for an estimate.

I believe that anyone can install the battery. Having done it myself hundreds (if not thousands) of times, I speak with confidence that if you follow the guide, you or your husband can do it!

I hope this helps!

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